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I will stay by your side
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I will work fluidly with your entire birthing team.

I offer a unique form of labor support that is distinctly different from care by midwives, nurses, loved ones, or family members.  Although there is some crossover, the role played by the doula is quite different from all the others.  Doulas and clinical personnel complement each other; they do not duplicate what they offer you.

I will remain by your side throughout your labor.

  • I remain with you throughout labor, whereas your care provider and nurse come and go.
  • Because I am with you continuously and have no clinical role I can focus on your emotional state and physical comfort.  I recognize changes in labor progress and mood.
  • I assist with position changes during labor, movements, and hands-on measures to improve labor progress.

Stephanie is very knowledgeable and professional. Her calm and caring presence was exactly what I needed during my fast & furious labor and birth. She helped me achieve the natural unmedicated birth I had hoped for and I could not have done it without her. She was steadfast, comforting, and ever by my side. She is one of the more affordable doulas in the area but her service was truly priceless to me!”

Natalie M.

More About Me

Having a love of all things pregnancy and birth-related I became a certified doula in 2018. I am humbled to be able to support families through their own unique childbearing journeys and I have supported many families through various birth settings and experiences. My sole purpose is to provide you with physical, emotional, and educational support from pregnancy to postpartum.